26 May 2016

Geekbot Fun at Maker Faire Video + Photos)

The Mini Maker Faires were a huge success! The arena held up beautifully and the robots faired far better than I expected. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who helped. Wade for all his...

04 May 2016

And adding more lanes

Over the weekend I took the arena to a family party, and it was a big hit! I learned a lot about how people interact with it and a couple of 'bugs' that I need to fix. Leave it to little cousins to...

02 May 2016

We are widening the corridors (Quick Update + Video)

So the arena is coming along. Goals are built and painted, and we're almost done with all the trim. We're still working on obstacles, but the current cardboard boxes are good stand-ins. We cut...

29 Apr 2016

We are widening the corridors

Like I mentioned last time we decided to build up a foam wall around the arena. This makes it really easy to setup, but leaves the arena a little rough. After a trip to the Home Despot, we found...

26 Apr 2016

We are building an arena, we are building it bigger

Next month is the Chicago Northside Mini Maker Faire and fort the 4th year I'll be there representing Trossen Robotics. Every year we have several robots ready for attendees to control like our...

11 Feb 2016

You Pass the Butter

Last year at the Northside Maker Faire I met Adrian Choy, Lead Robotics Specialist at Museum of Science and Industry. Last month he got in touch with me about his amazing robotic competition, Robot...

08 Nov 2015

DynaPose 2

Well, it's been a while, but I'm back! I've had a few developments since my last blog (including new bots, a new 3D printer) but today I want to show off the next version of DynaPose. Last year I...

20 Sep 2015

Arm Link Updates

We recently updated the RobotGeek Snapper Arm with a new gripper, so I've been off in documentation land, getting...

07 Sep 2015

Custom Error Messages in Arduino

`The Setup: our Arm Link Firmware supports 3 different arms. A one line #define //#define PINCHER //#define REACTOR //#define WIDOWX Just uncomment the line for your arm and you're good to go, the...

24 Aug 2015

Get A Grip

With one of our crew out, I've been working double duty all week, so I don't have all too much to report on this week. One of the things that came up is the need for something a little more robust...