11 Feb 2016

You Pass the Butter

Last year at the Northside Maker Faire I met Adrian Choy, Lead Robotics Specialist at Museum of Science and Industry. Last month he got in touch with me about his amazing robotic competition, Robot...

08 Nov 2015

DynaPose 2

Well, it's been a while, but I'm back! I've had a few developments since my last blog (including new bots, a new 3D printer) but today I want to show off the next version of DynaPose. Last year I...

20 Sep 2015

Arm Link Updates

We recently updated the RobotGeek Snapper Arm with a new gripper, so I've been off in documentation land, getting...

07 Sep 2015

Custom Error Messages in Arduino

`The Setup: our Arm Link Firmware supports 3 different arms. A one line #define //#define PINCHER //#define REACTOR //#define WIDOWX Just uncomment the line for your arm and you're good to go, the...

24 Aug 2015

Get A Grip

With one of our crew out, I've been working double duty all week, so I don't have all too much to report on this week. One of the things that came up is the need for something a little more robust...

17 Aug 2015

Crazy Quadruped

This isn't the First Time I've tried to get a RobotGeek Crawler going. I toyed with the idea of a MK-II style crawler, and later a MK-I style quad (because of the lack of 45 degree brackets for...

11 Aug 2015

Tiny Arduino

You know me, I'm not powered by pure whimsy like some people. But I do really enjoy making things small (as evident by my quest for a Tiny Hexapod. So now I've got this crazy idea about making a...

03 Aug 2015

My New Felt MP

A couple years ago my Lead Engineer Andrew bought a Felt MP Cruiser off cragislist. I was insanley jealous. I absolutley loved the look of it (much more than the newer version of the Felt MP). He...

27 Jul 2015

Say Hello to Heelo

I want to make an adorable robot. I've wanted to make one ever since I saw this video of the robot Mira. So the quest began. Ideally, I want to make the robot out of RobotGeek parts, as they're...

20 Jul 2015

Hexapod Toy

My quest to create a PhantomX Hexapod Toy continues! After a couple of days thinking I had killed my printer (PLA all over teh extruder, no I don't want to talk about it right now but thaks for...