08 Nov 2015

DynaPose 2

Well, it's been a while, but I'm back! I've had a few developments since my last blog (including new bots, a new 3D printer) but today I want to show off the next version of DynaPose. Last year I...

20 Sep 2015

Arm Link Updates

We recently updated the RobotGeek Snapper Arm with a new gripper, so I've been off in documentation land, getting...

07 Sep 2015

Custom Error Messages in Arduino

`The Setup: our Arm Link Firmware supports 3 different arms. A one line #define //#define PINCHER //#define REACTOR //#define WIDOWX Just uncomment the line for your arm and you're good to go, the...

24 Aug 2015

Get A Grip

With one of our crew out, I've been working double duty all week, so I don't have all too much to report on this week. One of the things that came up is the need for something a little more robust...

17 Aug 2015

Crazy Quadruped

This isn't the First Time I've tried to get a RobotGeek Crawler going. I toyed with the idea of a MK-II style crawler, and later a MK-I style quad (because of the lack of 45 degree brackets for...

11 Aug 2015

Tiny Arduino

You know me, I'm not powered by pure whimsy like some people. But I do really enjoy making things small (as evident by my quest for a Tiny Hexapod. So now I've got this crazy idea about making a...

03 Aug 2015

My New Felt MP

A couple years ago my Lead Engineer Andrew bought a Felt MP Cruiser off cragislist. I was insanley jealous. I absolutley loved the look of it (much more than the newer version of the Felt MP). He...

27 Jul 2015

Say Hello to Heelo

I want to make an adorable robot. I've wanted to make one ever since I saw this video of the robot Mira. So the quest began. Ideally, I want to make the robot out of RobotGeek parts, as they're...

20 Jul 2015

Hexapod Toy

My quest to create a PhantomX Hexapod Toy continues! After a couple of days thinking I had killed my printer (PLA all over teh extruder, no I don't want to talk about it right now but thaks for...

13 Jul 2015

3d Printed Hexapod Shells and More

So I've been having fun with the Buccaneer 3d printer, making all sorts of things. You can see an album of all the random things I've printed here Renee from the forum posted some really cool Tibia...