30 Mar 2015

HR-OS1 Madness

This week has been al about the HR-OS1. We're all working really hard to get the first 50 kits out, so we've been doing an insane amount of work on top of our normal fare. A couple weeks after the...

04 Mar 2015

LIDAR Lite + InterbotiX Robot Turret Room Mapper

Last week I finished some preliminary tests with the LIDAR Lite from Pulsed Light . The LIDAR Lite is a laser based distance sensor that can measure distance from 0-40m with 2.5cm accuracy. And it's...

06 Jan 2015

Inductive Charge Growler Lamp

A few of my friends had a blind gift exchange for the holidays, with a $20 limit. I waited until pretty much the last minute to come up with my gift, so Amazon was pretty much out of the question. I...

07 Dec 2014

Teensy Teensy Teensy!

Not too much to report this weekend. While helping out a friend I've been playing with the Teensy 3.1 to drive NeoPixels. The Teensy is really a pleasure to work with for prototyping. It's small,...

13 Nov 2014

Arm Link is Live!

Over the next week I'll be rolling out all the links and announcements of the Arm Link Software! I've been developing this software for Trossen Robotics for quite some time now and am really happy...

17 Jun 2014

DynaPose : Posing DYNAMIXEL servos with the ArbotiX

Over the weekend I started working on another pet project I've been thinking about for a while, the DynaPose firmware. This firmware is much like Pypose only everything is handled on board the...

14 May 2014

Sonic Hexapod!

Interfacing a PhantomX Hexapod with my IR Sonic Screwdriver via a little IR receiver. More details soon.

14 Mar 2014

Using the Phoenix Code on the Hexapod Crawler

I love the PhantomX Hexapod and the stock NUKE IK engine. It's easy to use, elegant, and low on processing requirements. But if you want some life-like gaits and movements, the Phoenix Code is the...

14 Feb 2014

DYNAMIXEL Pro Accuracy Test

A quick little video showing off the impressive DYNAMIXEL PRO H54-100. It's quite a motor!

13 Feb 2014

Leashing your PhantomX Crawler's Potential

For a long time I've been trying to come up with a reliable way to have one of our PhantomX Hexapods follow me around autonomously. The dream would be to have some kind of cheap/easy/effective way to track...