08 Nov 2017

3D Logo Plates

Recently I made some 3D printed logo plates for some groups that I like. First is a plate for the great The Whiskey Hollow an amazing Cleveland band. Design file are available on Thingiverse Second, I listen to...

25 Oct 2016

My Hedgehog Eddie 3D

So last week Jarad posts this I LOVE THIS SHIRTI NEED THIS SHIRT pic.twitter.com/mjyi4cuj2U — NPC /// ghost goat (@npcmusic) October 18, 2016 Followed by Wade's plea Who wants to drive to fucking...

13 Oct 2016

Thing a Month September - NPC Mini Head

So it's more than half past October and I never got around to posting this. I don't know that this counts as a real thing, it was more of an experiment, but it was fun. Please forgive my ineptitude...

20 Sep 2016

Robot and the Human Connection Video

Just before the Northside Mini Maker Faire wa upon us, I got a call from Patrick Martin, a journalism student at Northwestern. He asked if he could come by the office to interview me and create a...

18 Aug 2016


In July, Wade and I entered our second Robot Riot (Robot Riot: Mile High Voltage). We made a couple of improvements to Butter Buster and sent him off for training to a friend in the mile high city....

18 Jul 2016

Check out RobotGeek 101!

I always wanted to have a substantial set of lessons that I could point people to for getting started with RobotGeek and Arduino in General. RobotGeek 101 is my attempt at that set of lessons. The...

26 May 2016

Geekbot Fun at Maker Faire Video + Photos)

The Mini Maker Faires were a huge success! The arena held up beautifully and the robots faired far better than I expected. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who helped. Wade for all his...

04 May 2016

And adding more lanes

Over the weekend I took the arena to a family party, and it was a big hit! I learned a lot about how people interact with it and a couple of 'bugs' that I need to fix. Leave it to little cousins to...

02 May 2016

We are widening the corridors (Quick Update + Video)

So the arena is coming along. Goals are built and painted, and we're almost done with all the trim. We're still working on obstacles, but the current cardboard boxes are good stand-ins. We cut...

29 Apr 2016

We are widening the corridors

Like I mentioned last time we decided to build up a foam wall around the arena. This makes it really easy to setup, but leaves the arena a little rough. After a trip to the Home Despot, we found...