My quest to create a PhantomX Hexapod Toy continues! After a couple of days thinking I had killed my printer (PLA all over teh extruder, no I don't want to talk about it right now but thaks for asking) I've got a couple new prints. I've been playing with super basic joints using rods and holes. You can find the models of my attempt here. I took the femur and tibia from my previous model and separated them. Then I added in a cylinder at the middle of the 'servo' for each part, and a hole big enough for the cylinder on the "F1 Bracket". I figure I'd try this method after I saw how well some of the joints on Kevin's Golsm 3d prints I made worked out.

The holes don't print perfectly, though I wonder if they'll be any better if I use a higher resolution (I only did 200 microns on this print). Also, I could use a file to round out the holes a bit.

This time the rods turned out pretty well, previously I had made them too long. This means there's a lot of sag and when I try to fir the bracket over it I end up breaking the bracket. I'm thinking about thickening the bracket walls up just a little bit.

joint4.JPG joint5.JPG

As it stands, all that's keeping the joint from moving under gravity is the imperfections of the holes and rods. Kat suggested I do something with cotter pins, and I'm also just thinking about striaght gluing the prts together. But If I can figure out some reliable way to get

Gif made with the awesome Gif Rocket app. As an added bonus for this blog, here's a gif that's just full of derp. We had a Quadruoed user load the wrong code onto their robot which resuted in this derptastic IK.