Aerial Photography Hardware Hardware

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My first Balloon Camera is pretty simplistic, but surprisingly effective. I took apart an old digital camera, and created a trigger circuit out of a 555 timer, a relay, and some other components. Every couple of seconds the circuit fires, and the camera takes a picture.

I tried a handfull of different carriages, but a simple plastic box ended up working the best. Fishing line connected the balloons together, as well as served as a tether to control and retrieve the rig.

There's a lot of room for expansion in this project. In the short term I'm interested in using Eye-Fi Cards to get images live while the camera is aloft. Some sort of live video stream would be excellent as well. In the long term, I'd love to send something up even higher. I've seen a lot of really successful projects that have gotten some incredible pictures.

Read more: Aerial Photography Hardware Hardware