Over the weekend I started working on another pet project I've been thinking about for a while, the DynaPose firmware. This firmware is much like Pypose only everything is handled on board the ArbotiX. 5 Pushbuttons and an LCD allow the user to save different poses, save them, and play them back.

Right now my control panel uses 5 RobotGeek pushbuttons (Torque Toggle / Mode Change/ Previous Pose / Next Pose / Enter). An LCD displays the current mode (Save/ Set / Play). For the couple of hours I put into it, everything seems to be working pretty well.


  • Serial Mode (Serial Monitor only, no need for buttons/LCD)
  • Single Servo Mode (turn torque off for one servo at a time, allowing easier posing)
  • Auto-scanning for number of servos present
  • Robust checking of poses (poses are stored in EEPROM, and there may be problems if you try to load a pose before having saved data to it)
  • On the fly number of poses
  • Speed control via potentiometer