The HR-OS1s are shipping and I couldn't be happier! We spent the last two days finalizing the first 10 kits, but they're finally our the door. We'll have another 20 kits out this week, then the last 15 out sometime next week. I'm so excited to see how people use these robots.

I've spent the last week or so feverishly working to flesh out the HR-OS1 Documentation. I'm using Screenflow to create some cool videos that mix screen casting and video of the hardware setup. You can see them here, here, and here. I need to work on the audio - I'm using a samson mic, but I really think things would benefit from a USB headset. Regardless, Screenflow makes my workflow super easy - it even exports straight to youtube, which is stellar. I started using VNC to record other OSes, but ended up getting an HDMI capture card (the Game Capture HD, which makes things look a lot better and more responsive. It adds another layer to my workflow (Screenflow doesn't natively record from the capture card, I have to record it in another program and import it manually) but it's really not that bad (as long as I remember to hit 'record')