So I've been having fun with the Buccaneer 3d printer, making all sorts of things. You can see an album of all the random things I've printed here

Renee from the forum posted some really cool Tibia Shells and I had to take a shot at printing them with my Buccaneer and my Glow in the Dark Filament.

I tried one using the Buccaneer's auto supports, but it used a lot of material and was difficult to remove. So I took a shot at printing without supports, and I was actually pretty impressed with the results.

There was an issue with the fr side of the shell, without a support my printer just couldn't make it work. But even with the mess, I managed to clean up the print pretty well.

IMG_5459.jpg IMG_5461.jpg IMG_5466.jpg

Since forever I've wanted to have tiny toy models of some of our robots, so one of the te things I've been working on are tiny hexapods! Initially I actually tried printing based on some of our 3d production files for the hexapod just to see how things would work. It turned out...poorly. The thickness of the brackets wasn't enough at the scale I was making, so I had a body and tibias, but no femurs.


Eventually I brought some of the plates (Tibia, body plates) into Tinkercad and just did some basic extrusion. Even this had some issues, so brought the .svg vector files for the plates into illustrator and deleted all the un-needed holes (I left some of the signature holes, but got rid of all the bolt holes and smaller mounting holes). I used the side profiles of F2/F3 brackets and uses some primitive cubes to build some thick brackets. I was actually pretty happy with the simplified hexapod design and it turned out better than I hoped. It was still a pain to get the supports off the model, and the bottom is marred by the supports.

So my next goal in mini hexapod is to make something that is actually joint based. If I can make the body separate from the rest of the robot, then It should cut down on supports and I'll have a movable hexapod. Of course that'a all much easier said than done.

I also printed out some of the models from KevinO's Golem Hexapod. I printed them just to see how they would come out, and I certainly didn't expect them to be great ( I expected a similar experience I had with the PhatontomX Hexapod) but surprisingly they turned out pretty well.


Printing out the parts from Kevin's Hexapod gave me some ideas about how I can make some joints using rods and holes. I started playing with some idead, but I've got a bit to go bfore I've got a working prorotype. If I make the holes to small, then the slop in the printer makes it so the rods won't fit, and if they're too big, there's slop in the joint. That, and if the rods are too long, then they won't fit in the hinges without cracking.

That's all for now., more prints soon!