At work I'm creating documentation for our RobotGeek 101 Section - how to get started with Arduino, Sensors and Outputs. I decided that I really wanted to create some videos in the style of the HR-OS1 setup videos I made. ScreenFlow, the a logitech headset and the Lifecam Studio helped the process a great deal. I had never really been happy with how I had the camera setup though - I used a tripod off to the side of the table which made direct overhead shots difficult and close-up shots even harder.

I've used document cameras before, which are perfect for this kind of project because of built in lighting and mechanical zoom mechanisms. However I was hesitant to go buy one seeing as I had a perfectly good camera that fit into my workflow really nicely. I'm sure there are document camera that play nice with ScreenFlow out there, I just haven't seen any that wouldn't require extra steps for importing and syncing.

In my quest to find something to mount the camera to, I came across a pair of LED desk lamps that were floating around the office and hardly got any use. At first I tried to come up with a good way to mount the camera to the lamp without modification, but I didn't have an luck. At that point I started taking the lamp apart