Like I mentioned last time we decided to build up a foam wall around the arena. This makes it really easy to setup, but leaves the arena a little rough. After a trip to the Home Despot, we found J-Channel Vinly Trim in 10 foot strips. After a little bit if spray paint, we had some nice end caps for the EVA foam walls.

We tried melting the trim to make some nice corners, but it didn't work out. We also thought about making 45 degree cuts to make some corners, but we really liked the idea of curved corners. So when everything else fails, why not 3d-print it?


I measured the inner/outer diameter of my wall in the picture and used illustrator to make a rectangle with rounded corners. After a little bit of pathfinder manipulation I had a good shape. I exported to an SVG and imported that file to tinkercad. Extrusion game me the basic shape, then I resized a copy of the shape to make a channel for the foam to fit in. Now, I've got corner pieces that fit right over the foam.

I ended up adding a small holder for a flag. I'm not sure if I'll have time to make the flags, but I figure its better to have the hole than not. I'm still using corners without the holes for the inside corners where the goals meet the arena.

So next up, coloring the goals and building obstacles. Getting there!