Over the weekend I took the arena to a family party, and it was a big hit! I learned a lot about how people interact with it and a couple of 'bugs' that I need to fix. Leave it to little cousins to find new and exciting ways to try to destroy the arena (under my direction to do so of course). All in all though, everything stood up really well. No breakages or anything.

The robots held up really well to. I was a little worried about the video transmitters, and while they certianly heated up over time, I didn't see any failures or issues.


The original plate I printed to mount the camera to the servo was pretty bland, so I use Tinkercad to whip up something more fun. I was definitely inspired by the HR-OS1 head and I think it came out pretty alright.

It looks like rain on Saturday so we'll probably be inside. Honestly, its probably for the best. I've still got a couple things to finish, but I think I'm on track to be all finished by Saturday. I've got prototypes for the 'ground stations' that I'll post pictures of later. Kat is almost done with obstacles. Now I need to work on special moves for the 'bots.