The Mini Maker Faires were a huge success! The arena held up beautifully and the robots faired far better than I expected. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who helped.

  • Wade for all his help fabricating, testing, brainstorming and running the Northside booth.
  • Kat for making us amazing flags and buildings, as well as brainstorming and support.
  • Olga for help running multiple events.
  • RenĂ©e for an amazing set of antennas.
  • Patrick for filming and sharing video.

Here's a video I put together with Patrick's video as well as some footage from GoPros on the Geekbots. Music ala Feral Mountain Man Jonathan Coulton

makerFaire2016 from kamon mark on Vimeo.

So what did I learn?
  • The bracket that connects the wheel servo to the chassis needs to be lock-tighted in, lest the wheel servo fall out.
  • Glue is also needed to make sure the rubber stays on the wheel should it catch
  • If a ball gets stuck under the wrist gripper, it can be hard to dislodge. Also, under the right(or wrong) conditions, it is it possible to burn out the wrist servo, since it can't go to its lowered position.
  • The transmitters I bought worked surprisingly well, even surviving me accidentally leaving one on overnight.
  • After the first
  • Li-Ions are the way to go!
  • After the first event, I implemented a timer into the control panel, 'limiting' the time each person can play.
I need to do a post documenting the bot's behavior and the control setup. Until then, here's the code!