I always wanted to have a substantial set of lessons that I could point people to for getting started with RobotGeek and Arduino in General. RobotGeek 101 is my attempt at that set of lessons. The lessons go over the basic concepts of getting started with the Arduino ecosystem

  • Serial Communication
  • Digital Output
  • Digital Input
  • Analog Input
  • Pulsed Width Modulation
  • Servo Control

Each lesson has a web-page and a video version, so you can follow along with the exact directions in the video, or follow along with the text. Using Youtube's time-code links, each video is sectioned off based on each code example. Code can be downloaded as part of the RobotGeek tools/libraries, or copy/pasted from the lessons themselves.


I shot the videos using a LifeCam Cinema and a Logitech Clear Chat connected to ScreenFlow which made it a breeze to produce videos. Screen flow is great at syncing the audio/video to my computer screen as well as adding audio, intros, and example pictures.

To get the life cam to film from above I made a rig out of an old extending lamp and a Custom 3D printed part.. It was a big improvement to my tripod setup for the HR-OS1 videos.

Theses lessons are great, but they are designed more for individual learners and don't have assessment or projects. I'd really like to convert the lesson structure over to an actual curriculum that could be used in a class. Arduino curriculum, here I come!