So last week Jarad posts this

Followed by Wade's plea

By happenstance, I'm in Ohio, a short drive from Cleveland Heights, so I started Listening to Crying (which I love) and decided to get tickets to the show.

When I went to see Streetlight Manifesto, I made a tiny Streetlight for Toh Kay (not sure if he ever got it, I had to give it to a roadie to pass along). But how could I possibly top that?


I present to you My Hedgehog Eddie 3d. I found a great Sonic the Hedgehog model and an awesome Totoro model that I did unspeakable things in Meshmixer. I made some rookie mistakes the first time and sonic's face melted off, but the second time was a charm. The model is too big for its own good (I'm not a 3D modeler, I just play one on TV). But it printed quickly and for the small amount of time I had to get it done, I was happy with the results. Now to see if I can hand it off to Crying tonight.